Joining QED-C to Grow the U.S. Quantum Economy

Joining QED-C to Grow the U.S. Quantum Economy

Advances in quantum applications are emerging at an accelerating pace and around the world — promising the ability to solve problems beyond the reach of current computers, ultra-sensitive measurements, and provably secure communications.

That’s why Zapata Computing joined efforts in advocating for the passage of the U.S. National Quantum Initiative Act (NQI) in 2018. The act not only called for agencies to fund research, it also envisioned a consortium of businesses and other stakeholders to ensure that NQI coordinates and collaborates with the private sector.

That’s why I’m incredibly proud to share that Zapata Computing will be a member of the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C). New efforts like the QED-C critical in enabling and growing a robust commercial quantum-based industry and associated supply chain in the U.S. As a member of its governing board, it’s an honor to help lead the consortium’s efforts in advancing quantum information science. More than 100 participating companies have already joined the QED-C, including the likes of Amazon, Citi, the Department of Energy, D-Wave, Google, IBM, Intel and NIST. QED-C brings together multiple government agencies and a diverse set of industry, academic, and other stakeholders to identify gaps in technology, standards, and workforce, and to address those gaps through collaboration.

Through our involvement in QED-C, Zapata is dedicated to helping the U.S. streamline public-private sector collaboration in quantum computing by

  1. influencing the way in which standards and benchmarks are defined and performed,
  2. highlighting the most promising commercial use cases,
  3. forecasting technology advances,
  4. developing a “quantum ready” workforce.

This is done through our active participation in the various Technical Advisory Committees (TACs). With other public and private companies, we will serve as a collective industry voice to government agencies to together advance quantum information science and technology.

Zapata shares the same goal with QED-C in accelerating the quantum revolution. To do so, the entire quantum ecosystem must work together to advance a viable roadmap for commercial quantum computing. Through Zapata’s Orquestra® platform, we’re at the forefront of discovering and developing quantum computing applications which can serve as the foundation of such a roadmap of commercially useful quantum applications. We have built the software, algorithms and tools that maximize what quantum technologies can do today, in the near-term and in the longer-term.

Zapata is excited to be part of QED-C and contribute a leading role in shaping the future quantum economy that will enable the U.S. to compete in quantum on a global scale.

Christopher Savoie
Zapata Author

Christopher Savoie , Ph.D., JD

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder