Quantum AI
for Government, Defense & Intelligence

AI, quantum computing and other Big ComputeTM and will play a key role in maintaining American competitiveness in the technological sphere. Zapata is working closely with the US Department of Defense to benchmark when quantum-enhanced applications will make an impact across various domains.

Use Cases

Applications for Government, Defense and Intelligence

Defense & Intelligence

Public Services

Regulatory Policy

Emergency Management

Defense & Intelligence

Public Services

Regulatory Policy

Emergency Management

Key Challenges

  • Recognition and response to threats
  • Optimizing deployment of limited resources
  • Logistics preparation and disposition in anticipation of demand signals
  • Efficiently processing and analyzing large volumes of intelligence data
  • Accurately classifying an audio or visual signal with as few data points as possible
  • Arranging communication or remote sensing satellites to maximize coverage

Zapata Solutions

Resource Distribution Optimization

Dynamically optimize the distribution of resources in response to changing theater and local patterns using quantum or quantum-inspired techniques.

Quantum Cryptoanalysis

Decrypt intercepted adversary communications using Shor's algorithm or nearer-term hybrid quantum heuristic algorithms, such as variational quantum factoring (VQF).

Quantum Key Distribution

Secure sensitive data and applications from quantum attacks using quantum key distribution (QKD).

Satellite Coverage Optimization

Find the optimal satellite configuration to maximize coverage and signal quality while minimizing operational costs by leveraging generator-enhanced optimization (GEO).

Use Case Timeline (est.)

Orquestra® Benefits for Government, Defense and Intelligence

Orchestration Across Environments

Leverage the heterogenous compute resources best suited for your tasks, without getting locked into any one hardware platform. Deploy across hybrid backends at enterprise scale.

Data Management & Velocity

Store, retrieve, and analyze large datasets. Streamline data management from ingestion to export to accelerate data velocity.

Open Framework

Keep what works now. Integrate existing and future solutions with a framework optimized for extensibility, interoperability, and innovation.

Workflow Development and Deployment

One unified platform to go from research to development to deployment with extensible, scalable, modular workflows.

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