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Demand Forecasting Uncertainty

Unmeasurable Variables Create Insight Caps

Training Data Bias

Bottlenecked R&D Efforts

Chatbots Cannot Handle Complexity

Demand Forecasting Uncertainty

Demand Forecasting Uncertainty

Uncertainty in forecasting demand leads to inefficiencies in the supply chain.
Reduce waste and downtime by generating more accurate demand forecasts to optimize your supply chain scheduling.

Unmeasurable Variables Create Insight Caps

Unmeasurable Variables Create Insight Caps

Business analytics are unable to account for variables that cannot be measured.
Enhance your analytics by inferring data for unmeasurable variables based on their correlations with variables that can be measured directly.

Training Data Bias

Training Data Bias

AI systems are biased due to rare or minority cases being underrepresented in training data.
Prevent bias by balancing training datasets with new, realistic data that has been intelligently-generated to follow the statistical patterns of real data.

Bottlenecked R&D Efforts

Bottlenecked R&D Efforts

R&D efforts slowed down by tedious literature review process.
Learn from new research faster by using LLMs to search journals for relevant research and summarize their findings.

Chatbots Cannot Handle Complexity

Chatbots Cannot Handle Complexity

Existing customer service chatbots cannot handle ambiguity, complex queries, or multiple languages.
Boost customer retention with more flexible and personalizable chatbots, powered by custom LLMs trained on your corpus of documentation and customer data.

Custom solutions that address a range of business problems with advanced computational models and significantly lower resource requirements.

<h5>[accent]Anomaly Detection[/accent]
Anomaly Detection

Leverage quantum-inspired techniques for high-performing anomaly detection. Enhance models to identify anomalies in complex data more accurately than traditional approaches.

<h5>[accent]Predictive Modeling[/accent]
Predictive Modeling

Develop models to forecast future behavior or answer “what if” questions. Build models from historic data and generate meaningful predictions to inform real-time strategy.

<h5>[accent]Better, Faster Optimization[/accent]
Better, Faster Optimization

Make better decisions with conflicting constraints using faster optimization tools that leverage the latest techniques, including math from quantum physics.

<h5>[accent]Analytics Assistant</h5>[/accent]
Analytics Assistant

Extract meaningful insights from your data simply by asking. Create friendly natural language interfaces to engage with your data. ​

<h5>[accent]Sensor Fusion[/accent]
Sensor Fusion

Infer data for variables that cannot be measured directly using Generative AI-based virtual sensor technology.

<h5>[accent]Fast Alternative to Monte Carlo Simulation</h5>[/accent]
Fast Alternative to Monte Carlo Simulation

Converge on a more accurate solution 1000x–10,000x faster than traditional Monte Carlo simulations.

<h5>[accent]Custom Retrieval</h5>[/accent]
Custom Retrieval

Search, summarize and analyze documents across databases using a LLM to speed up research and document retrieval.

<h5>[accent]LLM Compression</h5>[/accent]
LLM Compression

Compressed models reduce initial and ongoing model costs while enabling deployment to the edge. ​


Unlock new industrial applications by combining analytics and LLMs.

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Measure the Unmeasurable

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