AI Solutions for Manufacturing

AI, quantum techniques and other Big ComputeTM could unlock new efficiencies across the value chain in manufacturing: from the design stage to factory operations and the supply chain. According to McKinsey, quantum technology could add over $500B in value by 2035 for the automotive sector alone.

Use Cases

Applications for Manufacturing


Factory Operations

Supply Chain and Logistics


Factory Operations

Supply Chain and Logistics

Key Challenges

  • Analyzing complex models with many objectives for desired product functionalities
  • Designing more aero- or fluid-dynamic structures
  • Assessing which raw materials to use, balancing qualities such as costs, strength-to-weight ratios, flexibility, and/or resilience

Zapata Solutions

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation

Model computational fluid dynamics for new designs with enhanced accuracy using quantum simulation.

Product Design Process Optimization

Build design process optimization models capable of balancing multiple objectives for product functionalities with safety, reliability and cost, and solve it with GEO.

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Orquestra® Benefits for Manufacturing

Orchestration Across Environments

Leverage the heterogenous compute resources best suited for your tasks, without getting locked into any one hardware platform. Deploy across hybrid backends at enterprise scale.

Data Management & Velocity

Store, retrieve, and analyze large datasets. Streamline data management from ingestion to export to accelerate data velocity.

Open Framework

Keep what works now. Integrate existing and future solutions with a framework optimized for extensibility, interoperability, and innovation.

Workflow Development and Deployment

One unified platform to go from research to development to deployment with extensible, scalable, modular workflows.

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