Welcome to the Industrial Generative AI Revolution.

We are Zapata AI, a global team of scientists and engineers dedicated to solving the most complex problems in industry. We make Industrial Generative AI, a category of enterprise software that harnesses language and numerical models for domain-specific, industrial-scale applications.

Zapata AI and Andretti Acquisition Corp. Announce Intent to go Public

Industrial Generative AI solutions tailored to your business.

A powerful suite of Generative AI solutions for enriching analytics and customizing large language models.

Smarter decisions with
enriched analytics.

Zapata AI Sense makes your business analytics more effective by enriching them with new, intelligently-generated data — based on your own secure proprietary data.

Save time by automating language tasks.

Zapata AI Prose saves you time with LLMs customized for your business — and saves you compute costs by compressing your models.
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Optimize Supply Chains

Reduce waste and downtime with more accurate demand forecasts.

Speed Up Regulatory Approval

Create first-drafts of application documents using your secure data and IP.

Better Risk Management

Reduce losses with more accurate and robust risk simulations.

Elevate Customer Experience

Create more human-like and responsive customer service chatbots.

Unlock new applications by combining Prose and Sense.

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