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Industrial Generative AI for
next-generation race analytics, powered by Orquestra

Andretti Global is upgrading their analytics infrastructure to enhance decision-making and win more races.

Season 2 Recap

Andretti Global x
Zapata AI: Season 2

Our second season with Andretti Global is behind us. Take a look at how Zapata AI is helping Andretti Global with race time analytics and strategy – all powered by Industrial Generative AI.

Our work together

An AI-driven advantage when every millisecond counts.

Zapata AI is testing and piloting next-gen solutions using Andretti proprietary data on advanced compute and architecture. Built and run on the Orquestra platform, Andretti’s applications are forward-compatible with future generative AI and hardware advancements — to ensure Andretti will remain in pole position.

Exploring Use Cases in Machine Learning and Optimization


Tire Degradation Analysis

Tires wear out quickly going over 200MPH, requiring time-consuming pit stops to change tires. Zapata AI is working with Andretti to create a machine learning model that can guide strategic decisions around tire changes, such as when a car should swap out tires, which tires should be used, and how often they should change tires based on current conditions. This use case translates to predictive maintenance problems across industries.

Fuel Savings Optimization

The fewer times a car has to refuel, the more time it can save in the race. Zapata AI and Andretti are applying machine learning and advanced analytics to help drivers optimize their fuel consumption and determine the best timing for refueling. Similar fuel savings solutions have wide applicability in any industry looking to shrink its carbon footprint or time to delivery.

Predictive Modeling: Yellow Flag

When there’s an accident or debris on the track, drivers are required to reduce their speed and are prohibited from passing other cars. This is a yellow flag, and since cars aren’t going full speed, it’s often a good time for a pit stop. Zapata AI and Andretti are creating a model to predict when a yellow flag is likely based on track conditions, the status of various cars, the drivers in those cars, and other factors. This ability to predict and preemptively respond to disruptive events has wide applicability beyond racing.

“INDYCAR racing is all about finding every possible edge and then maximizing it. Zapata AI’s expertise gives us that advantage through their Orquestra quantum software platform and expert scientists and engineers.”

Michael Andretti
CEO and Chairman, Andretti Autosport

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