Siria Serrano

Siria Serrano

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Siria Serrano brings 13 years of experience in management and administration to the role of Executive Assistant. Prior to joining Zapata, she worked as Lab Administrator for the Aspuru-Guzik Group in the department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and Economics from Florida State University.

Question & Answer

What are a few of your favorite things?

Cooking and baking long or complicated recipes, solo travel, writing poetry and short fiction. I have no interest in playing video games but could watch a good player play for hours, especially if the game has a good storyline and while shouting that they missed a clue or treasure. It is very annoying for them.

What are people often surprised to know about you?

People are usually shocked by the person I become when I play the board game Monopoly.

What’s your superpower?

Storytelling and helping others tell their stories.