post-quantum cybersecurity.

Develop your Post-Quantum Cybersecurity strategy today.

Quantum computers have the potential to break RSA and other encryption protocols. Now is the time for CISOs to work towards crypto-agility in preparation for quantum cybersecurity threats.

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Variational Quantum Factoring (VQF)

Developed by Zapata AI in 2018 and patented in 2022, VQF is a hybrid quantum-classical heuristic algorithm that could realistically compromise some instances of RSA encryption in the next five years using NISQ devices. VQF can be a helpful tool in assessing vulnerabilities to near-term quantum threats, so our customers can become quantum-resilient.

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“Recent developments in quantum technology create an entirely new era for cybersecurity. Quantum poses both new risks and new opportunities. Governments and large enterprises should assume their sensitive/encrypted data could be vulnerable to both live hacking and post-decryption of archived traffic. Leaders must be cognizant of these emerging vulnerabilities and move to address them now.”

Lieutenant General Michael Groen
Zapata AI Adviser, Retired USMC