April 28, 2022
Insights on Quantum Computing Adoption in the Enterprise

Insights on Quantum Computing Adoption in the Enterprise


Virtual via Microsoft Teams Webinar
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Dan Diasio, Global AI Leader at EY, and Katherine Londergan, CMO at Zapata, recently hosted a webinar to share insights from Zapata’s First Annual Report on Enterprise Quantum Computing Adoption. In a recent “In case you missed it” blog post, Katherine recaps key findings from the report, answers audience questions, and touches on Zapata’s partnership with EY.

Zapata Computing released the first global report on quantum adoption in the enterprise, finding that the earliest adopters expect to achieve – or already have – some competitive advantage within a year. The majority of global enterprise leaders agree that those who fail to adopt quantum computing will fall behind.

Please join Dan Diasio, Global Head of AI at EY, and Katherine Londergan, Chief Marketing Officer at Zapata Computing, to review insights from Zapata’s survey of 300 global executives’ adoption of quantum computing as well as discuss what patterns they are each seeing across their customer base. This hour-long discussion is for those asking, “Do I need a quantum strategy in 2022?” and “What do I need to consider”?

The quantum revolution is coming. Have questions on how to prepare, the insights we shared in our first annual report, or quantum computing & Zapata Computing in general? Submit a question in advance and we will be sure to answer it during the live Q&A.