AI solutions
for Logistics & Shipping

Quantum-enhanced generative AI has the potential to transform optimization strategies for supply chain design, routing, scheduling, and disruption management. With increased efficiency, even a 5-10% overall reduction in supply chain costs would amount to $18 billion to $35 billion annually, according to McKinsey.

Use Cases

Applications for Logistics and Shipping

Supply Chain Design

Inventory Management


Supply Chain Design

Inventory Management


Key Challenges

  • Selecting the best suppliers, manufacturers, and vendors to satisfy multiple objectives
  • Locating facilities to satisfy market demand while minimizing setup and variable costs
  • Reducing logistical costs for product recalls
  • Minimizing waste and recouping costs through reuse and recycling

Zapata Solutions

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize the selection of suppliers, distributors, and vendors for product quality, costs, delivery times, and demand coverage using generator-enhanced optimization (GEO).

Facility Location Optimization

Optimize the location of facilities in the supply chain for capacitated and uncapacitated systems using quantum-enhanced prescriptive analytics.

Reverse Logistics Optimization

Optimize logistics networks for recycling, reuse, disposal, and product recalls using quantum or quantum-inspired machine learning techniques.

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Orquestra® Benefits for Logistics and Shipping


Leverage the heterogenous compute resources best suited for your tasks, without getting locked into any one hardware platform. Deploy across hybrid backends at enterprise scale.

Data Management & Velocity

Store, retrieve, and analyze large datasets. Streamline data management from ingestion to export to accelerate data velocity.

Open Framework

Keep what works now. Integrate existing and future solutions with a framework optimized for extensibility, interoperability, and innovation.

Workflow Development and Deployment

One unified platform to go from research to development to deployment with extensible, scalable, modular workflows.

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