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Optimizing supply chain operations, powered by Orquestra®

A top global beverage distributor saves time (and money) for its daily beverage deliveries.

The Challenge

An international beverage distributor routes soft drinks to over 700,000 vending machines in one of its territories. Optimizing this logistics network would increase revenue, decrease fuel costs, and shrink the company’s carbon footprint. The organization also wanted to improve their data architecture to support faster, more efficient daily routing computations.


Our Approach

Zapata used Orquestra® to upgrade the company’s delivery operations to support faster, more efficient daily routing computation. This enabled the company to begin operations ~45 minutes earlier each day, saving time and cost in operations.
​In the future, as quantum hardware advances and the volume of data inputs increases, quantum algorithms could optimize delivery routes for variables beyond route length — including weather, traffic patterns, vehicle performance, inventory stock-outs and more.
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How Quantum Computers Could Cut Millions Of Miles From Supply Chains And Transform Logistics

By Christopher Savoie, Chief Executive Officer, Zapata

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