Accelerate the development of NISQ-based quantum applications and capabilities with Orquestra, the first unified quantum operating environment.

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What is Orquestra

Orquestra is the accelerator at the center of the entire quantum computing ecosystem. Through deep partnerships with the leading quantum hardware makers, we have built an operating environment enabling advanced technology, enterprise and science teams to develop quantum solutions for complex computational problems in optimization, machine learning, and simulation across a range of industries.

Complete Quantum Toolset

Orquestra is the unified Quantum Operating Environment for developing and running quantum and quantum-inspired workflows.

Orquestra Platform Overview Orquestra Platform Overview

Orquestra Capabilities At-A-Glance

Built on interoperable, extensible and modular classical-to-quantum software and hardware frameworks, Orquestra enables teams to compose, run and analyze the most complex quantum-enabled workflows™ at scale.

Extensive Libraries

Compose workflows in any language using your own tasks, Zapata’s proprietary tasks, and open-source quantum libraries.

Deployment Orchestration

Run workflows across a full range of classical-to-quantum backends.

Scalability & Reproducibility

Manage complex data and automate parallelization via container orchestration. Reproduce results and iterate rapidly.

Data Management

Get intermediate and final data collated and visualized. Benchmark across hardware and algorithms.

Sample Use Cases Supported by Orquestra


Accelerated sampling for exotic derivative pricing

Improve the accuracy of exotic derivative pricing models through quantum techniques that accelerate sampling from probability distributions of asset value fluctuation.


Materials discovery
for Li-ion batteries

Use first-principles simulations to accelerate the high-throughput screening of electrolyte additives for high-voltage Li-ion batteries.


Drug simulation
and analysis

Perform faster and more accurate binding energy simulations for small molecular drugs and their protein targets.


Delivery system

Address combinatorial optimization problem for optimizing inventory and distribution across thousands of touch points.

Why Zapata Developed Orquestra

We’ve worked with Fortune 500 customers using quantum computing technology to address their hardest problems. When our work made it clear that we needed an efficient, scalable way to create quantum workflows and run them on a range of classical and quantum devices, we created Orquestra.

Benefits of Joining Orquestra’s Early Access Program

Enterprise teams get:

  • Early access to Orquestra
  • Training in the form of a joint project
  • Ongoing support from Zapata experts